Rotary Packer Rotary Packer Rotary Packers are a new generation equipment comprising of the World's latest microprocessor based electronics, with proven motorized impeller filling system which ensure high filling pressure and therefore achieves the optimal compaction of the fine-grained materials. VAID, offers filling systems for any requirement which are perfectly adapted to the flow behavior and grain size of the product.

Inline Packer Inline Packer VAID offers air inline packers or stationary packers, which are generally equipped with one to four filler modules. Depending on the number of filter spouts which are generally placed next to each other for easier maintenance, the system can achieve a capacity ranging from 300 to 1200 25 kg bags an hour. Filling is either carried out automatically when an empty bag is positioned or at the press of a button. For bag removal when the filling is complete, either manual or automatic configurations can be sought.

Big Bag Filling Big Bag Filling VAID offers various bulk bag systems which can fill bags with spouts, open duffels, liners, as well as bags with or without hook straps. The equipment comes with various filling capacities and various dimensions with custom sized units. Adjustability in the filling stations permit filling of multiple bag sizes in a single machine. The automated fillers include conveyors for various pallets.

Bag Applicator
Bag Applicator As Cement Plants across the world are now demanding advanced packing and loading automation, VAID offers Automatic Bag Applicator/Placer of capacities in line with the Rotary Packer. This also addresses issues faced by Cement Plants which have space constraints to automate their packing plant. It has been proved that installation of Bag Applicator leads to an overall increase in efficiency of the Packing Plants. The Bag Placer can be supplied with different magazines to suit the layout of existing packing plants.

Bag Palletizing
Bag Palletizing End-of-line packaging processes and technologies, particularly palletizing and pallet packaging, play a critical role in safeguarding of the product in its highest value-added state for delivery to and use by Customers, as well as in driving packaging line profitability. VAID offers simultaneous loading and palletizing of bagged materials like cement and fertilizers of capacities ranging from 2400 to 3000 bags per hour with or without pallets.

Pallet Packaging
Pallet Packaging The Pallet Packaging system offer the best possible protection for pallet loads, including water-tight pallet packaging without the need for additional film or top sheets. This solution offers both vertical and horizontal film tension for unmatched load stability. VAID offers various solutions, to accommodate a variety of film thicknesses and is ideal for pressure sensitive products.