Gunning Machine Gunning Machine Gunning machine provides a very even flow of material which allows uniform hydration and smooth placement. Smooth placement results in even hydration of material at the nozzle and minimal rebound. Compact size allows it to be used in even the most confined work areas. Putting a wheel mounted Gun on a truck with 2 scaffold planks is a two man job. Narrow width lets it fit through narrow doors. Interchangeable Components (hoses and feed wheels) gives you the advantage of controlled rates of feed and a wide range of output. Minimum Labour Required to Operate. Only minutes are required to instruct a ready-mix truck driver or shoveler, and from there the gun needs minimal adjustments.

Welding Machines Welding Machines Welding machines are usually classified as constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV); a constant current machine varies its output voltage to maintain a steady current while a constant voltage machine will fluctuate its output current to maintain a set voltage. Shielded metal arc welding will use a constant current source and gas metal arc welding and flux-cored arc welding typically use constant voltage sources but constant current is also possible with a voltage sensing wire feeder.

Mortar Pan Mixer Mortar Pan Mixer Being a client-centric organisation, we are indulged in manufacturing and exporting Mortar Pan Mixer Machines. Equipped with latest technologies and world-class components, these machines are developed through advanced technology methods. By following international guidelines and set industry norms, these machines are made to suit the diverse industry application requirements.

Shim Driver Shim Driver Pneumatic hammer with shim driving head. Slotted shim driver head allows for high impact on shim & ensure tight radial installation safety.

De-Bricking Machine De-Bricking Machine De-bricking machinery is used to break out the refractories of rotary kilns used in the cement industry. The 3600 rotating telescopic boom can reach every point of the kiln and provides the force necessary to break out the refractory lining which is often heavily sintered. With the extensive reach of the telescopic stroke, frequent machine repositioning becomes unnecessary. The clearing- and demolition machinery is employed for the removal of slag and refractory material, e.g. from converters, electric furnaces, mixer cart mouths, hot metal- and steel ladles. The equipment has been especially purpose-designed and precisely adjusted to meet the high daily requirements of working in the cold- and hot sections of steelworks. The machinery supplied on the building-block system is available in a variety of dimensions. This will ensure, that the optimum problem solution can be selected for customers, and to accommodate all sizes of furnace.

Protection Tunnel Protection Tunnel Protection Tunnels are designed for worker safety from falling coating that withstands impacts of up to 250lbs (113.5kg) dropped from 915mm (36"). Tunnels are custom built to specific kiln requirements. The system includes a Set Up cage, A Safety Inspection Cage and Tunnel Cages. These 3 different types allows you to easily set up the tunnel system while safely undercover the entire time. The tunnel system can be any length but should span the length of your burn zone or coating.

Muck-it-Bucket Muck-it-Bucket The Muck-it-Bucket is designed and manufactured to be the most efficient and safest method for removing debris from refractory kilns in the business. The bucket has a circular bottom that allows for full surface contact on the kiln shell. All buckets have a universal bracket that fits most skid steers

Burner Alignment Device Burner Alignment Device Burner alignment is achieved by a laser mounting fixture and kiln target. The laser mounting fixture inserts in one of your burner tube ports which aligns it with the burner centre line axis. An adjustable target in the kiln identifies the centre for the laser to align. In some cases, the laser fixture can be mounted on the back of the burner tube and shoot through the middle to the target.

Material Basket Material Basket The Material Basket is strong, light weight aluminium-frame that will keep contents stable, secure, and contained. For carrying tools, machines, rubble, or up to two pallets of brick. Can be lifted or carried with crane or forklift. When the burn floor cannot be pre-stocked with brick due to limited space, an efficient method for moving quantities of brick to the burn floor is necessary.

Robotic Demolition Robotic Demolition Cleaning Cement kilns and demolishing brick linings can hardly be done quicker and safer than with us. In an industry where every hour's outage time means loss of profitable production, investing in a Robotic Demolition machine can pay back after the very first kiln tearout.

Brick Cutting Machine
Brick Cutting Machine
  • Length/width/height = 1600/670/1250 mm.
  • Weight: Approx. 200 kg.
  • Table tiltable (width/length/cutting)= 560/600/575 mm.
  • Compatible for Cutting Blade. Size: 14 - 20 inches.
  • Capable of Cutting both Alumina and Basic Bricks.
  • Cutting wheel motor (3-phase AC(V)/P/KW/RPM = 380Y/5/2880).
  • Cutting wheel (max blade dia. / Blade bore = 20 inches / 1 Inch)
Castable Pan Mixer
Castable Pan Mixer
We have emerged ourselves as a reckoned name in the field of manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Castable Mixer Machines. We follow international guidelines and certain norms in manufacture these machines. The range we offer is widely demanded and appreciated among the clients due to their flawless performance, less maintenance, longevity, and reliability.
  • Replaceable Wear- Resistant Liners.
  • Skid mounted for forklift transport
  • Electrical circuitry to Safe Guarding of Machinery
  • Safety cutout switchwhen lid is opened
  • Bag Breaker Capable of batch quantities of up to 250 Kgs of dense refractory castable.
  • 4-11 KW (5-15Hp) 380V 3 Phase 50Hz IP55 motor ratio 1:40- Power of pan mixer vary with capacity.
  • Two men can easily push a 4,000 lb. pallet of brick up the kiln. Multiple transfer carts with same capacity can run along same track.
  • Comes standard with an electric power winch mounted on a platform for moving the cart
  • Lightweight, aluminum, modular system for transporting full pallets of brick into the kiln.
Diamond Blades
Diamond Blades
Laser welded diamond blade for refractory is manufactured by laser welding technology with key slot and drop segment for undercut protection which enables the blade to cut refractory material with both wet and dry cutting process
  • Super Premium Grade (Blue Colour) is recommended for general cutting works.
  • Professional Grade (White Colour) is recommended for professional user where cost per cut is the prime consideration.
Electric Vibrator
Electric Vibrator
For installation of refractory castable, supplied with vibrating head. Typical Specifications of a standard Electric Vibrator is as follows:
Motor Vibrating Head
  • Power: 2 HP
  • Voltage: 1 Phase - 220 V
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Head Length: 463 mm
  • Vibrating Frequency: 12600 RPM
  • Diameter of Flexible Hose: 28 mm
  • Hose Length: 5 m
Kiln Ramp
Kiln Ramp
  • Supports 6,804 kg(15,000 lb.)
  • Live load capacity with a3:1 safety factor which allows working demolition equipment and fork truck access.
  • 9mm (3/8) non-skid diamond plate decking and heavy duty fall guards.
  • Modular design allows quick installation (2-3hours approx.)
  • Each ramp is designed by certified professional engineers, built for your specific kiln and made with high grade 6061 T6 aluminium.
Klin Inspection Cage
Klin Inspection Cage
  • The 4 man cage can be easily carried by 4 people using flip-up handles.
  • The 2 Man Cage can be easily carried by 2 people using flip-up handles attached to a safety gate and shoulder harnesses is standard for increased stability.
  • 1.5M (5 feet) of portable protection designed & certified by a professional engineer.
  • Rated for 114kg (250 lb.) dropped from 60 cm (24 in) with a 3:1 safety factor. A shock absorbed panel increase safety.
Brick Alignment Device
Brick Alignment Device
  • The laser ensures the precise placement of each row of brick.
  • This can be assembled and ready for use in less than 30 minutes
  • This produces a continuous laser light parallel to kiln's axis which is intercepted by a rotating pent a-prism device.
  • This refracts the laser perpendicular on to the circumference of the kilnshell. safety.
  • This line can be marked at points along the kiln, which are then used as an exact reference for installation ofthe refractory.
Bedding Cart
Bedding Cart
  • Speed up bedding out larger kilns while providing a safe, ergonomic working deck with stair steps for higher brick placement. Stair step ergonomically design reduces fatigue and increases productivity.
  • Custom designed and engineered to meet needs of each plant.
  • 2,721 kg (6,000 lb.)capacity deck with large working space allowing room to stack brick.
  • Big castors with kick brake for easy and fast movement of cart, brick, and tools as bedding brick is installed.
Long Jack
Long Jack
  • Pneumatically operated hydraulic jack with pressure gauge for consistent installation pressure on each ring of brick.
  • Custom designed and engineered to meet needs of each plant.
  • Swivel foot braces adjust automatically to brick angle
  • Optional finger-tip control located onjack for ease of use & safety
  • All-aluminium, modular conveyor system designed for portability, easy set up, and trouble free performance.
  • Reduces or eliminates brick damage due to handling.
  • System can be set up on the ground, spring boards, or elevated on standard adjustable legs
  • Belt sections are easily assembled with hinged lacing and spring pin design
  • Lengths up to 85m (280ft) and widths of 30.5cm (12"), 50.8cm (20"), and 76.2cm (30") available.
Incline Conveyor
Incline Conveyor
The Incline Conveyor allows you to transfer brick or refractory from the kiln floor to the bricking machine work platform with minimal effort. This is a perfect solution if there is no access for a fork lift to enter the kiln to place pallets of brick onto the machine.
  • Mounted up or down kiln end of bricking machine work platform
  • Electric 1 HP (746 kw) motor with 2 emergency shut off switches at each end
  • Wheels on base adjust to slope of the kiln keeping conveyor even
  • Lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Designed for any machine 3.5M - 7M
  • Modular design, 3 sections for easy assembly
  • Cuts down on time and labor
 Other Products
  • Pay Loaders
  • Air Breaker
  • Lift
  • Crane
  • Goggles
  • Pneumatic Breakers
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Fork Lift
  • Hoist
  • Safety Belts
  • Demolishing Car
  • Hack Saw and Wood Saw
  • Hand Lift
  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Helmet
  • Cavo Car
  • Air Compressor
  • Truck
  • Dust Filter Mask